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Sellers 12 Step Guide To Closing

1. Review property and determine value

a. Compare against nearby sales

b. Look at condition and possible repairs to create more value

i. Declutter when needed

ii. Complete any repairs required

iii. Create Curb appeal and tidy up yard

2. Decide on Listing Price with all variables considered. (Discuss net sheet)

3. Sign Listing documents including Seller Disclosures and MLS input Sheets

4. Review marketing strategy 

a. Photos

b. Signs

c. Website exposure

d. Social media

5. Determine showing availability.  (Plan on leaving when there is a showing)

6. Offers

a. Examine pros and cons of each offer and counter if necessary

b. Negotiate to create best situation

c. Accept offer

d. Keep marketing to get a Back-up Offer

7. Review Buyers requests from the Due Diligence and/or appraisal process if needed

8. After Due Diligence and Appraisal is completed begin packing 

9. Gather all items for buyers’ welcome package.

a. Warranties

b. Instructions for sprinklers, waterfalls, smart home devices, security systems etc.

c. Remotes

d. Keys

10. Schedule Closing with Escrow  

11. Sign documents and wait for funding and recording   (We typically record the next day)

12. Once recorded give KEYS to buyer

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